CaissaChess  Live is an amazing tool allowing to view the tournament progress live.  You can follow live updates via CaissaChess Live page  (link will be provided by the tournament director) or by subscribing to notifications.

How to use CaissaChess Live

When you first open CaissaChess Live page, you will see this interface with the following options: Subscribe to email updates, Subscribe to Phone Updates, Round, Section,   as well as the tabs for Pairings, Standings, Teams, and Byes.

Following the Tournament via CaissaChess Live page

ROUNDS:  Specify the round number you want to view from drop down menu.

SECTIONS: Specify the section you want to view from drop down menu.

PAIRINGS TAB:   Before players are paired,  the list of players is displayed with their coresponding USCF numbers, team/school name, grade (if those options are made visible by TD). After the players are paired, the pairings are displayed. The results (0 for loss, 1 for win and 1/2 for draw) will appear next to their names as the round progresses.  In the example below, Paul got 1, Jennifer 0, and Sam and John are still playing. 

STANDINGS TAB:  Results from all rounds are displayed under Standings tab. In the example below,  in Round 1, Paul (player #1) won Sam (player #4) playing with white pieces "W4 (w)."  In Round 2, John (player #3) is still in the game (GIP = Game in Progress) with Sam (Player #4) and John has black pieces "GIP4(b)". 

TEAMS:  As players report their results you can see total number of points acquired by the teams.

BYES: If you are requesting a bye (you need to skip a round), you can verify that your bye is reported