Weekly Classical Game


  • The SDCC hosts Wednesday Night USCF tournaments,

  • New players, including kids, are welcome to play in this event

  • Consists of one game a week over a span of 5-7 weeks depending on the number of rounds in the tournament

  • The time control is Game 90 with a +30 second increment

  • Requires United States Chess Federation (USCF) membership to play

  • You can join the USCF at this event!

  • Please try to bring a set including a clock if possible


  • 6:30pm (First Week Only) : Registration

    • You can register and start after the first week; however, you will be given a bye (1/2 point) for each game missed

  • 7:00pm : Start of game


  • Unrateds play for free, but they are ineligible to win cash prizes (instead they can select one of our chess books)

  • Entry Fee (excluding Unrateds) : $25

  • Fines : If your cell phone rings any time during the games, you will incur a $5 fine

Please Note

  • Double check the club calendar to be sure there is a game scheduled on the Wednesday you want to attend

  • Please email sandiegochessclub@gmail.com if you have any questions or leave a voicemail at 619-75-CHESS