TD Course

San Diego Chess Club Tournament Director Course


The San Diego Chess Club’s TD Course will begin Monday February 11, 2013 at 7:00.   It was last conducted in 2003.  The course is free for all members willing to make the commitment of 30 hours – ten three-hour sessions.  The course will meet at the club at a time convenient for the class.  In 2003 it was held on Monday evenings from seven until ten.  Each participant will need his own USCF rule book (5th Edition).  Expect a lecture/seminar style of presentation with plenty of class participation and some light homework.  Those completing this course will be able to crush the USCF local TD exam.


The course is an exhaustive survey of a TD’s responsibilities.  Topics will include:


v   The Tournament Director

v   An Exhaustive Survey of the Rules and What they Mean

         v   Monitoring the Playing Room – the Floor-Walker

         v   When to Intervene and When Not to Intervene in a Game

         v   Adjudicating Claims and Disputes

         v   The Swiss Pairing System – Principles and Priorities

         v   Offering and Correctly Awarding Prizes

         v   The USCF – Structure and Committees

         v   Ethics

         v   The Appeals Process

         v   The Difficult Player


Questions may be directed to David Saponara at (619) 420-7436, mornings 9 –11.