Frequently Asked Questions

The club is meeting at temporary locations, detailed on the club’s home page, until the City is finished with very extensive renovations. Upon completion the SDCC will have one of the best chess facilities in the country.

  1. Where can I learn how to play? Youngsters can contact Irina Nizmutdinova at irinette@gmail.com. She has information for kids about learning how to play. Adults are on their own. There are a lot of videos online, books, etc. on how to play.

  1. My child knows how to play and is interested in learning more about the game. What should I do? The chess club endorses Martin Nilsson and Mario Amodeo as very active local scholastic chess teaching professionals. Martin supports the Jedi Knights Chess Club, an affiliate of the San Diego Chess Club. This program meets on Friday nights from 6:30 - 9:00 and costs $10 per student per session at the Redwood Bridge Club in Balboa Park (3111 6th Avenue San Diego, CA 92103, a temporary location). Neither San Diego Chess Club nor USCF membership is required to participate. Mario runs his own program. Both of these chess professionals’ contact information is listed on the resources page of this website.

  1. I’m an adult who knows how to play. I’m interested in playing competitive chess in San Diego. How do I start? To play in the adult programs (detailed on our home page) all you need to do is show up and be prepared to join the United States Chess Federation. You can play in your first tournament without paying an entry fee (renewing USCF members must pay an entry fee). Tournament play requires that players keep score of their games and use a chess clock. See the document TournamentChess_Intro.pdf on our resources page for additional information.

  1. How do I join the San Diego Chess Club? Annual club dues are $72 for adults. Discounts for Military, Youth and Seniors. You must be a club member to play Wednesday nights. If you play Saturdays club dues are dependant on your tournament success.

  1. I am interested in taking lessons from a local chess professional. Who do I contact? Please see the club’s resources page for a list of the fully endorsed chess professionals.

  1. I just want to play casual chess without joining the United States Chess Federation? The San Diego Chess Club is primarily setup for competitive tournament play. At some point the club will start an active casual play program. But, for now we are recommending the Downtown Library’s casual program which meets Fridays from 1:30 until the library closes. This beautiful new library is located at 330 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101. Play happens in the first floor lobby. They also host periodic casual blitz tournaments.

  1. Can I rent space at the San Diego Chess Club? Absolutely. Upon re-opening, the Chess Club would be happy to make our facilities available to groups for meetings or other community activities. Please note the dates and times committed to club activities on the club calendar. You can contact us at sandiegochessclub@gmail.com.