Facility Operating Hours: The Balboa Park location has reopened. All playing sessions are at that location (2225 6th Avenue @ Ivy) at Wednesday (7 PM). The club is only open during scheduled playing sessions.

Wednesday Night: Tournament play is back at the club (in Balboa Park at 6th & Ivy).

Saturday: Although most of the Gambitos (the weekly four round rapid event) will be at the club the Radisson Hotel in Rancho Bernardo will also be an occasional Gambito venue. Entry fee for most Saturdays is $25 (Including $5 to cover the cost of the room). However, the first Saturday of the month is $30 (the Super Gambito).

Registration is from 10:00 to 10:25 (if you arrive after 10:25 and want to play in round one there is an additional $5 fee). First round is at 10:30. Call the club's number 619-75-CHESS to register early. 

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The Jedi Knights Scholastics program has been suspended.

The club's phone number is 619-752-4377.

See the Calendar page for a complete list of scheduled events. 

See the Resources page for the Wednesday night schedule and selected event details.

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